donderdag 4 juni 2009

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

A legend in his own time John Mayall, the father of british blues! John Mayall single handedly discovered some of the best and most famous guitarists ever. Starting with the original Bluesbreakers in 1966 with Eric Clapton on guitar, starts a long line of guitar greats. Though Clapton didn't stay for more than one record, but in his footsteps followed a young lad named Peter Green. Who later founded Fleetwood Mac together with John McVie and Mick Fleetwood.

Green another guitar purist, though stylistically totally different than his predecessor. Also Peter Green only stayed with Mayall for one record, and was followed by Mick Taylor. Taylor made a change for the Bluesbreakers being a great slide player. After Mick Taylor went on to join the Rolling Stones, Mayall changed his style and in 1969 came out with a drummerless accoustic album on which is most famous recording to date "Room to move" was a serious hit and is now a rock and blues classic. During the seventies Mayall experimented more with Jazz and Blues fusion. And in the eighties and nineties returned back to his own roots with a more guitar oriented blues sound.

On his way discovering the talents of Walter Trout and Coco Montoya, now well respected blues men on their own. The last decade and even more he spend on the road with the Bluesbreakers consisting of Hank van Sickle on bass, Joe Yuehle on drums and Buddy Whittington on guitar. Late 2008 Mayall decided it was time for himselve to move on and also for Buddy Whittington to move on by himselve and get his solo career rolling. And Mayall himselve has recently formed his new band with a good friend of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rocky Athas on guitar, promising to be another Texas Cannonball. John Mayall still playing the blues at 75 years of age, not even thinking of ever retiring!!!

Keep the blues alive!!!

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