woensdag 8 juni 2011

Golden Earring Strijen Open Air

The dutch rock ‘n roll band Golden Earring from the Hague, more than 40 years together in the same line-up without any change.

The band was formed in 1965 by George Kooijmans (vocals and guitar) and Rinus Gerritsen (bass guitar and keyboards). They first started playing together in 1965 as the Golden Earrings, with their first hit single Please Go. George and Rinus were joined by Jaap Eggermont on drums, vocalist Frans Krassenburg and rhytm guitarist Peter de Ronde. Peter de Ronde left the band in 1966 just before the band recorded Winter Harvest. After this record also Frans Krassenburg left the band. He was replaced by Barry Hay.

In 1969 they were one of the first dutch bands to tour the United States, they toured there for about 3 months. After returning from the States Jaap Eggermont decided to leave the band and was replaced by Sieb Warner. That year they also dropped the S from Golden Earrings and moved on as the Golden Earring. Sieb Warner was an introvert person and didn’t really fit in the band, and things went wrong on their second US tour during the winter of 1969-70. They found a replacement in Cesar Zuiderwijk. The band line-up hasn’t changed since. In 1973 they recorded the album Moontan, which brought them their US number 1 hit Radar Love, which is up to this day the number 1 road song in the US, and a constant factor in their live set since then. Many hits followed.

Moving forward in time to their second most famous hit, Twilight zone, which became another US hit for them as well, and with that the invitations for another US tour kept coming in again. The story of the Golden Earring is a lot longer than this, but we’re giving a short recapitulation. The photo’s you see here are from their latest performance june 6 2009 in Strijen. The show was good, and loud as they’ve always been known to play.

All the hit songs were played still with as much power and vitality as if they were playing them for the third time!!!


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