dinsdag 8 december 2009

Rock and roll lubricates your smile and satisfies your soul!

Rock'n roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, blues, rock, bluesrock, country, western and even bluegrass all have one thing in common. It's music made by real musicians not by computers. Though sounds can be sampled, and parts can be layered on top of another part. But in the end it's all about the feeling the musician can put in his playing or singing, that really creates the atmosphere of the song.

The most instrumental instrument for this that really lets the musician express himselve and his feelings is the guitar... Especially in the forementioned types of music..... Different guitar models have been made famous by different musicians in the different music streams. No two guitarists can sound alike, you can try to imitate certain styles, you can play the same notes, but it's virtually impossible to put the same feeling in the same notes.
Some are more inventive than others, but each have their own style in music. Express yourselve and show your emotions in your playing, that's what sets guitarists apart from other musicians. It's hard to put your feelings and emotions in piano playing.

The notes sound the same, you can't bend a note to make it scream different. The only instrument that comes close to a guitar in that respect is a saxophone. Also when you listen to guitar and sax solo's you will find real similarities which you will not find with any other type of music. Great guitarists like Jimmie Vaughan and Dereck Trucks for instance also try to transpose Saxophone solo's in their guitar solo's. Which makes it more clear that these two instruments really work well together and both bringing feeling in the music.

To me guitars are the instrument of choice, it's a beautiful instrument, great female body shapes, round forms, and functional too, listen to the the sounds it produces, approaching singing....not for nothing that when the electric guitar came around, Rock and roll had it's beginning. Rock on forever, follow your heart, and let that music touch plenty of soles!!!

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