woensdag 22 juli 2009

Brian Setzer Orchestra rocks Amsterdam!!!

Mischief, rockabilly trio from Utrecht the Netherlands, opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra in the Heineken Music Hall, July 15th. Their driving rockabilly made sure the crowd was warmed up for the main act to come on stage. The dance steps by Mischief’s guitarist Daze are amazing, you should really see him jump into one of his great solo’s. Rockabilly, and great vocal harmonies, making Mischief a real crowd pleaser!

Wednesday July 15th the world famous Brian Setzer Orchestra rocked the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
BSO opened with their version of the “Batman” intro, unfortunately when Brian started his guitar part he discovered his vintage Fender Bassman Amp gave up on him, so it had to be replaced by the extra amp…..but it didn’t spoil the fun for a second, the band filled in and Brian picked up as soon as he could.

Rocking on with all the classics, from “Drive like Lightning”, “Jump, Jive and Wail”, “Sexy and 17” and so many others.

Also bringing “Rumble in Brighton”, psychobilly big band style! Half way the show the horn section of the band stepped down, and Brian performed with just drums and bass in the old fashioned trio style, bringing songs from the 50s classic “True Love”,” Gene and Eddy” and many more, and half way Stray Cat Strut continuing with the complete big band again.

When it became time for the encore Brian came back on stage to perform “I won’t stand in your way” solo on his vintage black and white Gretsch duo-jet. The show finished when it was time to “Rock this Town”!

They showed Amsterdam once and for all:

Don’t mess with a big band!!!


Stray Cat Strut - Brian Setzer Orchestra - Amsterdam

Dirty Boogie - Brian Setzer Orchestra - Amsterdam



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  1. amazing goeie waar van bosselaar!
    great sound from that small mobile!
    see ya at work. i guess.
    & have fun in that tent, take care: have safe sex


  2. Rockabilly Rule in Rio Grande do Sul Brasil.