donderdag 13 augustus 2009


Les Paul,born Lester Polfuss, originator, inventor, comedian and legendary guitarist. He virtually invented the solidbody electric guitar.

Already in the forties he created his "log" based on a hollowbody Epiphone guitar. He then approached the Epiphone guitarcompany to take it to the next level,but they were not interested. A few years later Leo Fender produced his first solid body guitar with the Broadcaster,which created an interest with the Gibson guitar company, who in turn invited Les Paul to show them his solid version. Which after some brainstorming back and forth resulted in the Gibson Les Paul model. Which over the years became the most iconic guitar in rock and roll, with everyone from Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Page, Slash and Joe Walsh and way to many others playing on it.
Les also a virtuoso guitarist himselve, especially reached his own musical fame with his wife Mary Ford, with songs like "Vaya con dios" and "Mockingbird hill" as some of their most famous hits. During this time in the fifties, Les Paul also invented multi track recording, creating layers over layers and thus creating his own unique sounds.

The last years Les Paul has been playing 2 gigs every monday night at the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway in New York. He continued playing there with a lot of pleasure and a terrific sense of humor which you had to experience to understand the greatnes of the man. Unforunately the news of the passing of Les Paul just reached the world. Les Paul passed away aged 94, the music world will never be the same again.
His legend will continue!
Keep on rocking in heaven!

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